Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Today I'm at........

Higham Hall in the beautiful Lake District.  I got here on Sunday and today is my second full day of embroidery.  I got up extra early so I could get on the internet while everyone was still in bed, it can be a 'bit' slow later in the day.

So, what am I doing?  Well I have been on with my usual project for quite a while now, I normally come here for a weekend, have a great time stitching, go home full of inspiration to get on a make progress........and quilting takes over.  This is classed as a 'taster' class, I can try up to four new projects/techniques, so I thought it would be nice to make something I can start and finish while I am here, just to have a finish, know what I mean?

So, this is the teachers sample of what I am making.   It is made in Calico Gardens, which is stitched on calico using stump work and embroidery, in neutral colours.  Like it?  Before anyone who knows me asks no, I will not be including the bee, it may be cute and it is as furry as it looks, but it is all I would see and would spoil the finished pic for me, but I will be adding something else......

This is mine so far.  As you can see I have made the stems with stem stitch using Perle 8 in three different colours.  I always did stem stitch as it says in the books, my teacher showed me the 'proper' way, so much easier and neater.  The echinasia centres are first padded with three layers of felt, each one bigger than the previous, doing it this way the top is smooth, then they are covered with french knots, more french knots in a contrasting colour still need to be added.  My leaves are part done, first outlines in a back split stitch, and now I am filling in the centres using silk shading in two colours, I need to do the second colour next.

The internet here is so rubbish, I had planned to show you pics of what my classmates are doing, but it will take forever to upload them so I will have to show you next time.

BUT, before I go I just have to show you what I bought in the little town of Cockermouth three miles away.

SHOES, or rather boots as they have a side zip, are they not beautiful?  They are a little brighter in reality, and the heels are trimmed with red which you can't see.  Why is it I find the most beautiful shoes when I am away from home and not looking for any?  These are Spanish I believe, not cheap, but not horrendously expensive either.  I so love them...........

Have to go now, my class is about to start and I am being ribbed, AGAIN.....

So, from the beautiful Lake District in North West England
Smiles from,
Kate x

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  1. Have a WONDERFUL time, Kate! Your stitchery project looks great and LOVE THOSE SHOES! :)

  2. Wow, Kate! I'm impressed ...... "new to you" crafting .... away from home ..... new shoes ..... and time to blog! Well done you! Teacher's stitching is very impressive, and I am sure yours will be too! Your new shoes look lovely!
    Hugs, Barbara x

  3. Oh, my goodness, Kate! Your embroidery work is stunning! I like to embroider, but I don't sit still long enough to accomplish much! Love those boots! Keep having lots of fun! You deserve it, my friend. XO

  4. Your embroidery is lovely. And such delicate colors! Your stem stitch is much smoother than I could hope to do. What is the secret? Cute boots!

  5. I agree -- your work is stunning! And I love, love, love the boots! Wendy at

  6. Oh a crafting weekend sounds bliss . How lovely . I used to really enjoy embroidery , I should try it again

  7. Love the shoes Kate! I love the colours in the embroidery. Hope yours turns out well and gets finished. I'll be interested to see your alternative to the bee.

  8. Your piece is exquisite and I love the boots/shoes also!

  9. Kate, this is going to be beautiful! And I do love those lovely new shoes :)

  10. The embroidery is just awesome and you are on the right track to make as good as the teacher's. I love your work so far. Enjoy the new shoes! (they remind me of some I had when I was a little girl but they were black and white.) Anywho! Have fun! ;^)

  11. Your embroidery is fantastic! Thank you for sharing :)

  12. Your embroidery is beautiful, Kate! And those are awesome shoes :)

  13. I'm loving your embroidery, too. It's so clean and even. I definitely want to see the finished project.
    Those boots are gorgeous. I used to have a penchant for shoes, but lately I buy maybe one pair per year. I'd get those for those the worst of winter days; when there's cold water and ice even on the sidewalks. They look snug and warm and dry.

  14. Hi Kate, your project is looking great. LOVE those boots!

  15. Your handwork is so pretty Kate. And..... I LOVE your boots. Enjoy them.😊

  16. Excellent workmanship, both the teacher and you! And great find on the boots!


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