About me

Hello,  if you are reading this  then I am assuming you would like to know about me as a person and as a quilter, so first here is my more up to date pic where I am not hiding behind the sunglasses.  

You can always copy it and put it on the mantelpiece to keep the kids off the fire, hehe.

I cut all my hair off when I had a big birthday a couple of years ago, then I went shorter and shorter, until I really had to stop.  It had grown a bit when this was taken last year but it's almost back to a boring bob now, I'll update it when it settles.

 If you are still reading I'm Kate, a girl (and I use the term very loosely) who quilts.  I live in a village in northeast  England less than 20 miles from where I was born and grew up in a mining community.

I am very happily married and we have four children between us and four grandchildren, all grown and flown.  We share our home and our lives with Ella and Indi, two working type springer spaniels well named the eternal puppies of the dog world.

I started quilting over ten years ago, first by attending a class in a local school then going on to a handmade sampler quilt at a nearby quilting shop, you can see it on my pre blog quilts page.

Since I started quilting I have gone through many different phases but really started to change and develop when my husband gave me an iPad two years ago and  I found the on line quilting community.

 Then I became a watcher. I laughed with you, cried with you, learnt from you and had so much fun with you but very rarely did I leave a comment.  Suddenly, I felt I was missing out, I was part of it, but not part of it.  So here I am, feeling naked and exposed, but ready to join the party.

Why smilesfromkate?  It's how I sign my emails.

If you would prefer to contact me privately my email address is:



  1. Hi Kate! I'm so glad you began this stage in your grand adventure, because it has been a delight getting to know you!

  2. Kate! I just now discovered this updated picture of you. I love your introduction of yourself and so glad you were here to welcome me when I took that plunge into the online world of quilt blogging. Hugs!

  3. popped over after seeing the lovely things you sent to the enquiring quilter always good to find another blog to follow


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